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Hear My Voice Metastatic Advocates share #4forStageIV

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  • 10/08/20

Education, outreach, and connection are the three pillars on which Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Hear My Voice Metastatic Advocacy Program are based. Since 2015, each Hear My Voice class holds a social media campaign to educate the public on different aspects of living with a Stage IV diagnosis and reaches out to those living with MBC.

Connection to others living with this disease is so important because facing a metastatic diagnosis is complex and difficult. The pandemic, with its necessary lockdowns, social distancing, and travel bans, has heightened the isolation so many feel when receiving this diagnosis. As our first leadership volunteer class trained virtually, the Hear My Voice volunteers are finding new ways to connect to each other through virtual platforms, determined to create the close relationships previous classes forged in person. And the volunteers are equally determined to connect to people similarly diagnosed in their home and digital communities across the U.S. to provide support, hope and resources on good days and bad days.  This year’s social media campaign holds renewed importance as a powerful tool for connection, awareness, and education.

The 2020 Hear My Voice class launches their #4forStageIV campaign on Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 13, 2020. Each volunteer is sharing a photo of herself with a poster of four words relating to the experience of living with metastatic disease. In a year full of uncertainty and connection, hardships and hopes, each volunteer nominates others to do the same. See what they wanted to share.

Please, join with us. As you see the #4forStageIV social media posts, join in to share your four-word truths about living with or supporting someone with metastatic breast cancer. Join with the HMV volunteers in finding, educating, and connecting those living with metastatic breast cancer to the trusted resources and compassionate community of support LBBC and our partners provide.