December 2018 Ask the Expert: Lymphedema

November 12, 2018

Anyone who has had lymph nodeinfo-icon surgeryinfo-icon as part of breast cancer treatment is at risk for lymphedemainfo-icon, a conditioninfo-icon where fluid builds up in your hand, arm or chest wallinfo-icon and causes swelling. But lymphedema often isn’t discussed or well understood. Whether you’re living with lymphedema or want to learn how reduce your risks of getting it, you may have questions about the condition.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer hosted Wilma Morgan-Hazelwood, OT, CLT, LANA, and Josh Levin of LympheDIVAs for a Facebook Live Ask the Expert program. They amswered your questions about lymphedema, how lymphedema sleeves work, how to measure for compression garments and more. They were joined by Young Advocate Nadiyah Brown, who modeled as Josh and Ms. Morgan-Hazelwood showed how to measure for compression garments. LBBC’s senior director of programs and partnerships, Janine Guglielmino, MA, moderated the discussion.

We will be posting a lightly edited transcript of the video on this page in the coming weeks.

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