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Rachel Faustner, BBM



Rachel Faustner, BBM has been an employee of Advocate Sherman Hospital for the past 20 years.  She currently serves in the Advocate Sherman Cancer Care Center as the oncology financial navigator. With the assistance of both Stephanie Merce Boecher, RN, OCN, MSN, BSN, BA, the director of oncology and neuroscience services, and Dan Sherman, founder and director of the NaVectis Group, Ms. Faustner has created a successful financial navigation program that serves all the patients treated at the cancer care center.

Ms. Faustner was previously a patient care technician for 12 years.  She then worked in the informatics department as the revenue cycle informatics analyst for over 5 years, and then as a patient access systems analyst for 3 years. With her background in the revenue cycle, she has been able to build a well-rounded financial program that assists patients with their understanding of insurance coverage, free medications, copay assistance programs, charity care, bill analysis, and insurance optimization. These aspects subsequently provide peace of mind for the patient by decreasing financial anxiety and distress related to cancer.