> Shera Dubitsky, MEd, MA

Shera Dubitsky, MEd, MA



Shera Dubitsky, MEd, MA, is Sharsheret’s clinical supervisor, where she assists women newly diagnosed and at high risk of developing breast cancer and provides supportive counseling to women living with metastatic breast cancer. She also provides facilitator training for Sharsheret local support group facilitators and frequently speaks to groups across the country. 

Ms. Dubitsky assists in the advancement and development of programs addressing the needs of Jewish women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer.  Prior to joining the Sharsheret staff, Ms. Dubitsky served as a psychology resident and fellow at the Bronx Psychiatric Center of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and an associate psychologist for the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. She has also worked as a researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.