Radiant Wrap

Radiant Wrap is proud to donate 10% of your purchase to Living Beyond Breast Cancer

When our co-owner was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010, she saw a real need to look pretty during her radiation treatments and Radiant Wrap was born. Over the last ten years, we have provided countless women with a fashionable alternative to the standard hospital gown worn during radiation.

Our mission is to provide every woman with an extra measure of comfort, beauty and style during treatment. We know coping with Cancer is a challenge; that’s why Radiant Wrap was created to keep a woman’s dignity, self-esteem and identity intact. Radiant Wrap is a chic solution to help women go through treatment in style, offered in beautiful, seasonal patterns and colors.

In our effort to support Living Beyond Breast Cancers’ programs, please enter code LBBC on our Shop Page and 10% of your purchase will be donated.