> Wilma Morgan-Hazelwood, OT, CLT, LANA

Wilma Morgan-Hazelwood, OT, CLT, LANA



Wilma Morgan-Hazelwood, OT, CLT, LANA, is a nationally recognized lymphedema expert with over 40 years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist. She is the manager of the lymphedema department at Holy Redeemer in Southampton, Pennsylvania.  In addition to her clinical background, Ms. Morgan-Hazelwood has experience in teaching, research and publications in the area of cutting-edge lymphedema treatments.

Previously, Ms. Morgan-Hazelwood was employed for 16 years at Fox Chase Cancer Center/Temple Health System in Philadelphia. She was instrumental in implementing the protocol for the Early Surveillance Detection model. She spearheaded acquisition of the latest treatment enhancements, including the Physiotouch and cold laser, and partnered with plastic surgeons to develop the center’s protocol for lymph node dissection and lymph-venous bypass surgery. From 2000 to 2016, she focused on oncology-related lymphedema at Fox Chase.

Ms. Morgan-Hazelwood received her certification in lymphedema from the Lerner Lymphedema Services Academy of Lymphatic Studies under the guidance of Guenter Klose and the Lymphology Association of North America. She has served as a LANA regional representative and board member since 2002. She received advanced certification in CDT at the Foeldi Clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany. She is a member of the Lymphology Association of North America and the National Lymphedema Network.