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Saneta Maiko PhD, MS, BCC


  • Rev. Dr. Saneta Maiko, PhD, MS, BCC is a faculty member of Indiana University Health’s Dan Evans Center for Spiritual and Religious Values.
  • His clinical research investigates the role of spirituality and religion on the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of outpatient metastatic cancer patients and caregivers.
  • Speaker, The role of spirituality in cancer care: A framework for providers

Dr. Maiko is a graduate from Indiana University Fairbanks, Indiana University School of Medicine, Purdue University, St. Paul's University, Christian Theological Seminary, and Concordia Theological Seminary. He is also a graduate of Reflective Supervision from Cambridge University and Indiana University Health’s Emerging Leaders program. An experienced ordained clergy and current district superintendent of the United Methodist Indiana, Dr. Maiko is the founder and former executive director of Amani Family Services and chaplain researcher at Indiana University Health.

Dr. Maiko has many years of leading organizations, serving on boards, and teaching at Purdue University. He is a recognized spiritual leader in training intercultural competence to law enforcement, social agencies, businesses, and healthcare systems. Dr. Maiko is also nationally board certified as a healthcare chaplain. He is a recipient of several honors and awards. He has authored a book and several articles in medical, leadership, chaplaincy, and youth journals. He is married to Beatrice, and they are blessed with four children. They reside in Indianapolis.