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Abby Match

Patient Advocate

Abby Match headshot


  • LBBC board member since 2023
  • 2023 Butterfly Ball Donna Noce Colaco Going Beyond Award Honoree
  • Triple-negative breast cancer thriver who was diagnosed at the age of 35



Getting a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis and later discovering she carries a BRCA1 mutation was devastating, but she has learned to turn her pain into another’s gain. She digs deep into the health system to learn about its flaws, and she networks to learn how to help others get screened for genetic mutations prior to disease. Abby wholeheartedly loves fundraising. In a little over a year, she has raised almost $25,000 by selling beaded jewelry, which she refers to as “beading cancer together”. She contributes to organizations that are impactful in the lives of people living with cancer and wants to be a voice for others.

Diagnosed in 2020, she has already seen how much of a difference she can make. Abby doesn’t celebrate the diagnosis of cancer, but she acknowledges the journey and the good that can come from it. She feels fulfilled by helping others diagnosed with cancer get the appropriate access, resources, and funds they need to get through their treatment and beyond.