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Fern Glazer

Director, Digital Content Strategy


  • Has worked at LBBC since 2021
  • Has far too many close family and friends who have been touched by breast and other cancers
  • Is a book lover, yoga practitioner, late-in-life cyclist, farmers' market fan, writer of short fiction and children's picture books, dog mom

Fern considers sharing stories the most powerful tool for bridging time, place, culture, and experiences — for bringing together communities of support and inspiring action.

Fern earned her master's degree in journalism from Temple University and a bachelor's degree in liberal arts with concentrations in English, theater, and dance from Hofstra University. Prior to joining LBBC, Fern served as a partner and content lead for Little Warrior Agency, the Philadelphia-based creative firm she founded in 2006 with her husband, Brian Glazer. Fern spent the early part of her professional life as a stage actress, and, later, as an arts and culture editor and reporter for publications such as The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia City Paper. She also served as a contributing editor to Nation's Restaurant News, a leading foodservice industry website and print publication, for nearly two decades.

She lives in West Philadelphia with her husband, two children, and two yellow Labs.


Knowing that someone who has shared their personal story — be it on our blog or in a video — feels seen, heard, and understood. To me, that's an honor and a privilege, and incredibly inspiring.

Fern Glazer