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Megan R’s story: Redefining exercise goals during breast cancer | BeACTive

Megan R, a marathon runner, revamps her fitness expectations and finds a new joy in exercise during treatment for an early-stage breast cancer recurrence at 46.


Adapting exercise expectations

As a college athlete, marathon runner, and triathlon participant, Megan R considered exercise an important part of her life. Now that she is undergoing treatment for a recurrence of breast cancer at 46 years old, activities that once felt good in her body have become challenging.

So, when soreness and frustration set in, she decided to adapt to her new reality. The result: she’s found new ways to engage in exercise.


A different type of marathon

Megan R’s perspective on marathons has changed. Now, getting through each day or a lengthy chemo treatment is a test of endurance.

Megan runs with her young daughter on a nature hike, wearing Santa hats

Well-being for me is doing the best I can with what I've been given.

Megan R


Exercise workout headcovers during chemo

How can you keep your head covered, comfortable, and protected if you want to exercise outside while you’re in treatment? Here are three options to protect the vulnerable skin on your scalp:


Let's BeACTive together!

Join Megan R and the other participants in our new, 3-week exercise series featuring 9 workouts of about 20 minutes each and designed especially for people who are going through or recovering from treatment, preparing for surgeries, or regaining mobility after surgery.


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