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2022 Abby Lessack Caregiver Award profile: Emily Lorenz

11/16/22 | BY: Emily Lohrenz

Emily Lohrenz talks with LBBC’s CEO Jean Sachs about her experiences as a caregiver for her mother and younger siblings. A senior in high school, Emily went from a timid kid who was afraid to drive (but not fly!) to a strong confident adult all while supporting her mother through diagnosis and treatment and maintaining a sense of normalcy for her younger siblings.

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A man gets breast cancer. Then what?

11/10/22 | BY: Rod Ritchie

Rod Ritchie’s mother passed away from metastatic breast cancer when he was a child. Despite his family history and a lump in his left breast, Rod had to wait three months before his healthcare provider ordered a scan. Rod’s experiences with stage IIIB inflammatory breast cancer reveal many of the challenges that men face in breast cancer.

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The worry factor in breast cancer treatment: When the concerns are more than medical

10/27/22 | BY: Patrice Exantus

A sales professional working a 100%-commission job, Patrice Exantus couldn’t work for two months after her breast cancer surgery. She wants others to learn about her experience with financial toxicity so that they find available resources--and recover faster.

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From her experience to real-life help for others: Rosemary Carrera

10/21/22 | BY: Robin Warshaw

After seeing first-hand the disparities in care and resources for Hispanic and Latino women with breast cancer in the Miami-Dade area, Rosemary Carrera founded a local organization to provide free direct support services, in Spanish and English, with no financial status requirement.

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Baring their bodies to change the conversation

10/14/22 | BY: Fern Glazer

Four women with breast cancer share how participating in a revealing ad campaign changed their view about their post-surgery bodies — and how they hope it will inspire others.

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Finding beauty during a difficult time

09/20/22 | BY: Paris Smith

In 2015 Paris was diagnosed with relapse remitting multiple sclerosis. In 2021, she learned she had stage II triple-negative breast cancer. Through it all, she found beauty in the most difficult time in her life.

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Discovering fearlessness within: Michelle Anderson-Benjamin

09/13/22 | BY: Robin Warshaw

“Speak up for yourself. And don’t be afraid to have a bad day.” Michelle Anderson-Benjamin offers that advice and more to people with cancer.

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