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2022 Abby Lessack Caregiver Award profile: Emily Lorenz

11/16/22 | BY: Emily Lohrenz

Emily Lohrenz talks with LBBC’s CEO Jean Sachs about her experiences as a caregiver for her mother and younger siblings. A senior in high school, Emily went from a timid kid who was afraid to drive (but not fly!) to a strong confident adult all while supporting her mother through diagnosis and treatment and maintaining a sense of normalcy for her younger siblings.

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Decision-making for treatment and thriving: Gillian Lichota

08/22/22 | BY: Robin Warshaw

After three years of enduring infertility therapies and a second-trimester miscarriage, Gillian Lichota sat in her OB-GYN’s office and heard the news she had been hoping for – she was nine weeks pregnant. On the same day, an ultrasound of a mass in one breast showed she also had breast cancer. A biopsy later confirmed that finding.

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Healing body and emotions: Shangrong Lee

07/26/22 | BY: Shangrong Lee, Robin Warshaw

"I wouldn't say I'm an extrovert now, but I'm more outgoing than I was before. Finding my voice is really sharing my experience with breast cancer and not being afraid to talk about it or feel shame for it."

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My journey to flat

07/19/22 | BY: Meredith Kane-Sokol

Meredith Kane-Sokol shares how her perception of how her body should look changed after a bilateral mastectomy.

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Be informed to live longer

07/13/22 | BY: Terri Shipp

Terri Shipp didn't think recurrence was possible. She was wrong.

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Relearning to love my body after breast cancer

07/01/22 | BY: Yahira Torres

Learning to accept her post-treatment body wasn’t easy, but Yahira Torres found her own process and discovered a new intimacy with her partner.

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Creating connections: Arin Ahlum Hanson, LBBC's director of outreach

06/22/22 | BY: Robin Warshaw, Arin Ahlum Hanson

Arin Ahlum Hanson, MPH talks with writer Robin Warshaw about how her professional and personal life continue to evolve, expand, and energize her.

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