Amy Lessack: ‘I Knew This Was the Place for Me’

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April 4, 2016
Sandra E. Martin, Vice President, Advancement

Since 2012, in her role as an LBBC board member, Amy Lessack has been an extraordinary ambassador, spokesperson, cheerleader, connector and fundraiser. At the end of 2017 Amy’s board term came to a close. Before her tenure ended, Amy spoke with LBBC’s vice president of advancement, Sandra E. Martin, about her connection to LBBC. 

Sandra: How did you first get involved with LBBC?

Amy: When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, there was no breast cancer organization focused on women under 40, let alone 36, [as I was]. A family friend connected me to LBBC. I called and spoke with a staff member who hooked me up with information and invited me to an upcoming meeting. I will always remember her kindness and the spirit with which she welcomed me to a group I never dreamed of joining. But there I sat listening to a very smart oncologist share things that I needed to know. From that moment I knew this was the place for me.

Sandra: Why do you give so generously of your time and resources?

Amy: I give my time and resources because I know that every decision I have made, and that I continue to make, has been informed by the people and the information I receive from being connected to LBBC. I know that more than 80 percent of the funds raised are used for programing. I have been lucky enough to know the staff for more than 15 years and see their passion and dedication in a million different ways. I know everyone at LBBC lives its vision and mission every day. 

Sandra: What does LBBC mean to you?  

Amy: LBBC means EVERYTHING to me! It is my go-to organization for breast cancer information, support, community, advice, smiles, hugs, cheers, tears and more! It is the place that embraced my mom when she went to an LBBC conference for young women in 2003 in Philadelphia by herself because I wasn’t well enough to go. It is the place where my mom finally understood and embraced my tough decision to have a hysterectomy after my initial treatment ended. It is the place where I first heard the woman who would eventually be my radiation oncologist speak, through one of LBBC’s conferences. It is the place that embraced my dear friend and sister Jewel when she was diagnosed. It is the place where I have met the most wonderful people who I would never have crossed paths with. And it is the place in my heart that gives me the most comfort when I need it the most. It is the place I tell EVERYONE to go when they or a friend is diagnosed with breast cancer. 

In 2013, as an honoree at LBBC’s annual Butterfly Ball, Amy raised $58,000. As a Reach & Raise team captain she and her team Thrivin’ and Survivin’ have raised over $24,000. Amy is an inspiration to all the staff at LBBC and her leadership on the board will be missed dearly.