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LBBC’s Butterfly Ball: A celebration of advocacy and community

Guest at the Butterfly Ball

Jean A. Sachs, LBBC’s CEO and host of the 2023 Butterfly Ball, led the celebration of five women pioneering an inclusive breast cancer conversation with impact and innovation, in communities small and large. Their stories embody a personal commitment to ensuring no one affected by breast cancer feels alone or informed. They aspire to be a strong voice, not just for themselves, but for everyone facing similar challenges. The Donna Noce Colaco Going Beyond awardees display an impressive landscape of work and achievement:

Abby Match, a patient advocate diagnosed with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer at 35, networks with others to empower them to screen for genetic mutations and fundraises for impactful cancer organizations. Watch Abby and Ali's video >>

Gina J. Range uses her extensive fundraising experience, as well as her experience with early-stage breast cancer, to cultivate essential support for breast cancer organizations like LBBC through fundraising, partnerships, and advocacy. Watch Gina's video >>

Ali Rogin, a previvor, journalist, and author of "Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss," advocates for genetic testing after her experience of discovering her own risk for breast and ovarian cancer. By sharing her story widely, she emphasizes that this valuable information provides individuals with diverse options, enabling informed decisions about their health. Watch Ali and Abby's video >>

Stephanie Walker, a registered nurse diagnosed with de novo metastatic breast cancer in 2015, couldn't be present at the event, but, as a patient advocate, she contributes to breaking down barriers and promoting equity through her involvement in the "Become Study" and the "Black Women Speak" symposium. Watch Stephanie's video >>

Butterfly Ball Honorees 2023
Butterfly Ball 2023 Max Weinberg and auctioneer
Butterfly Ball Co-chairs 2023
LEFT: Honorees Ali Rogin, Abby Match, Gina J. Range, and Dana Donofree (not pictured: Stephanie Walker). CENTER: Max Weinberg, E. Street Band drummer and father to Ali Rogin, working the crowd. RIGHT: Co-chairs Valerie Miller and Charles Riscavage, Crystal Thompson and Michael Pearson, Chelsey Pickthorn and Coco Lloyd, Jonathan Bank, MD, FACS, and Ron Israeli, MD, FACS.

The recipient of LBBC’s 2023 Andrea and Abraham Morris Impact Award Honoree, Dana Donofree, founder and CEO of AnaOno, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties. Dana's personal struggle sparked her journey to redefine beauty and comfort through AnaOno—a lingerie brand that beautifully embraces altered bodies. Watch Dana's video >>

These honorees transformed the challenge of a breast cancer diagnosis into an opportunity to make life bloom, not just for themselves but for everyone. Each one spoke of the support they received, particularly during their diagnosis, expressing a desire to pay it forward by building community. They embody the essence of LBBC’s mission: that no one impacted by breast cancer feels alone or uninformed.

The evening’s co-chairs embraced the "life in bloom" theme, making the event a vibrant success. They were Jonathan Bank, MD, FACS; Ron Israeli, MD, FACS; Coco Lloyd and Chelsey Pickthorn; Valerie Miller and Charles Riscavage; Crystal Thompson and Michael Pearson.

Amidst dancing, sumptuous feasts, and bidding on fabulous auction items, everyone celebrated LBBC and its community of family, friends, and supporters for its achievements in providing trusted information and a flourishing community of support for anyone impacted by breast cancer.

Missed the celebration this year? You can still donate to support the work of LBBC, as we are just shy of our $800,000 goal.


Event highlights

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Photography by: Laurie Beck Peterson