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Julia Finney

Finance Administrator

Julia Finney


  • Has worked with LBBC since 2024
  • Recently embraced the cold plunge and shower trend
  • Born on a Friday the 13th
  • Seven-year survivor of ovarian cancer

Since retiring as the head of The Miquon School, Julia has sought opportunities with organizations having a compelling mission and dedicated staff and volunteers working together to fulfill it. LBBC's commitment to meeting each person affected by breast cancer exactly where they are, providing tools and knowledge to overcome challenges and find success, resonates with Julia. It reminds her of how good classrooms know, engage, respect, and co-create learning with each student.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys time in the woods with her big dog or helping her husband, Sam, load their outdoor pizza oven. She feels lucky to have two of her three grown children living in Philadelphia, who frequently return home to eat.


I am blown away by the individualized and comprehensive resources LBBC provides and by how thoroughly the mission is embodied by LBBC's thoughtful, kind, and hard working staff.