Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapyinfo-icon is using medicineinfo-icon or surgeryinfo-icon to reduce estrogeninfo-icon in the body. Your doctor may also call this type of treatment endocrineinfo-icon or anti-estrogen therapyinfo-icon. It is used for cancers that depend on estrogen or progesteroneinfo-icon to grow. These types of cancers may be called hormone receptorinfo-icon-positive or estrogen receptor-positiveinfo-icon breast cancer.

In ductal carcinoma in situinfo-icon and early-stage breast cancerinfo-icon, hormonal therapy can

  • reduce the risk of the disease recurring, or coming back
  • prevent new breast cancers
  • improve survival

In metastaticinfo-icon breast cancer, the goal of hormonal therapy is to shrink or control the cancer.

This section will help you understand how hormonal therapy works, the impact of your menopausal status, the types of medicines and surgeries available and things you can do when you finish treatment. 

May 4, 2018