#KnowStageIV A social media campaign about metastatic breast cancer.

Do you #KnowStageIV

  • Did you know breast cancer is considered stage IV, or metastatic, when it travels outside the breasts and nearby lymph nodes to other organs in the body?
  • Did you know 20 to 30 percent of early-stage breast cancers will become stage IV?
  • Did you know 40,000 people in the U.S. are expected to die from stage IV breast cancer every year?


Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s 2017 class of Hear My Voice Outreach Volunteers wants you to know all this and more, including how you can help them as they advocate for more awareness and more research money for metastatic breast cancer. They also want healthcare providers to know that they have unique needs. And they want the rest of the 155,000 people living with metastatic breast cancer in the U.S. to know that they’re not alone.

All day on Monday, Sept. 18, learn from our volunteers through their blog posts and social media activity and help them tell the world that stage IV needs more.

Learn the facts. Support the cause. #KnowStageIV.


Between learning the facts on stage IV breast cancer and reading the personal stories of those living with it every day, we hope you're inspired to get involved! Help us raise awareness of and support for stage IV breast cancer.

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Anise Smith | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Anise Smith writes about how metastatic breast cancer forced her to stop working and upended her finances and her sense of purpose. 
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Christine Hodgdon | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Christine Hodgdon writes about the “messy process” of accepting the many new identities that became part of her life after she was diagnosed with cancer.
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Danita Jones | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Danita Jones writes about detours, facing her family history of breast cancer, correcting preconceived ideas about metastatic breast cancer, and choosing to be happy. 
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Dorothy Devine | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Dorothy Devine writes about living with gratitude and hope. 

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Janice Cowden | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Janice Cowden writes about how her breast cancer experience changed from her early-stage diagnosis to her metastatic diagnosis, and how her oncologist started treating her differently. 
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Katherine O'Brien | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Katherine O'Brien tells us what she’s learned during her 8 years of advocacy work.


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William “Kirby” Lewis | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Kirby Lewis writes about the multiple “birthdays” he celebrates, including the anniversaries of milestones in his breast cancer treatment. 
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Kristen Kilmer | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Kristen Kilmer writes about the “world of loss” that those in the metastatic breast cancer community face, and honors members of the 2017 class of Hear My Voice Outreach Volunteer who have died this year.

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Martha Carlson  | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to metastatic breast cancer. For Know Stage IV, Martha Carlson writes about life as a sick person who doesn’t look sick.


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Rachel Fournier  | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV, Rachel Fournier writes about keeping life for her kids as normal as possible for as long as possible while she faces metastatic breast cancer. 


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Valerie Roybal  | SEPTEMBER 18, 2017
For Know Stage IV,  Valerie Roybal writes about making the most of the time she has, including embracing her inner artist. 


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