Promoting health: Nutrition and exercise essentials

June 23, 2021
07:00pm to 08:15pm
2021-06-23 19:00:00 2021-06-23 20:15:00 America/New_York Promoting health: Nutrition and exercise essentials  

About the wellness summit

Whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, a previvor, living with a history of breast cancer or living with metastatic breast cancer, understanding your body’s nutrition and exercise needs can promote your overall health and wellness. In this two-part wellness summit, you will learn from experts on how to support your individual body as it relates to breast cancer. Acknowledging the potential impact of treatment on the body, our experts will share essentials for a nutritious kitchen, complemented by an action plan for movement no matter your fitness level.

Sami Mansfield
Oncology Exercise Specialist
Founder, Cancer Wellness for Life

Every body is unique — before, during, and after breast cancer treatment. Sami Mansfield will help with an action plan for movement no matter where you are, acknowledging the impact of breast cancer treatment on the body. We’ll cover:

  • Impact of Treatment on the Body: Breast cancer treatments can cause muscle loss throughout the body causing changes in body composition and cognition. Sami will address how to lessen these changes using resistance training through bodyweight exercises or weights, if you have them.
  • Setting and Acting on Your Fitness Goals: No two bodies are the same and no two people have the same goals. Sami will lead a goal-setting exercise to define your priorities, explore potential barriers to reaching your goals, and provide an action plan to get started no matter where you are or where you want to go. Get tips for success, sample exercise plans and join Sami as she leads a live exercise demonstration.
  • Weight Management: About half of women being treated for breast cancer gain weight. This can range from just a few pounds to 20 pounds or more. Sami will talk about the many reasons for weight gain during and after breast cancer treatment and share sustainable lifestyle strategies for weight management.

Session I: Maximizing nutrition: Do you use these three kitchen essentials?
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Rachel Beller, MS, RDN
Creator of the Beller Method™ Transformation Masterclass at Beller Nutritional Institute

Your kitchen can be a powerful toolbox for your health if you know how to leverage a few essential tools. In this session, Rachel Beller, MS, RDN will discuss three essentials for your kitchen to promote nutrition for anyone impacted by breast cancer:

  • Fiber Up: Fiber is essential for everyone — but especially those who have been touched by breast cancer. Rachel will explain how fiber diversification can improve your hormone balance, immunity, and gut health...and will share her tried-and-true tricks to optimize your body’s natural ability to detox. 
  • Power Spicing: Did you know you can dramatically double — or triple — the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of your dishes with just a few pinches of the right spice combinations? Rachel will reveal her signature Power Spicing method and highlight synergistic blends of anti-cancer spices for maximum nutritional (and flavor-filled) value.  
  • Difference Makers: Rachel will share the premium, research-backed Power-Up foods that have a huge difference in elevating the nutritional impact of your meals.


About our speakers

Rachel Beller, RN, RDS

Rachel Beller MS, RDN, the CEO of the Beller Nutritional Institute, is the creator of the Beller Method, a three-time bestselling author, creator of award-winning Power Spicing nutrition blends, and spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. She sits on several medical advisory boards including the Cancer Support Community and the Just Keep Living Foundation, and she founded the Beller Community Outreach Program. Read more.

Sami MansfieldSami Mansfield is the founder of Cancer Wellness for Life, an organization that develops cancer wellness and exercise resources for hospital and health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits, and people impacted by cancer. Sami began her career in 2003 and is one of the first cancer exercise specialists and wellness experts in the world. She is known for her program development and implementation skills as well as being an engaging and inspiring speaker. Read more.

About our moderators 

Lynn Folkman Auspitz
Lynn Folkman Auspitz was introduced to LBBC shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She is now manager of community engagement at LBBC. She manages and implements LBBC’s national volunteer initiatives including the Breast Cancer Helpline. Lynn has more than 25 years of professional experience in special events, meeting planning, operations, marketing and communications in the nonprofit, corporate and government sectors. Read more.

Tiah TomlinTiah Tomlin was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in 2015. She is a corporate professional and entrepreneur living in Atlanta. Tiah co-founded My Style Matters, LLC, a company that produces unique, stylish events to raise awareness and funding for worthwhile causes while encouraging healthy lifestyles. She is an advisor, guest speaker, team member, camp buddy, volunteer, and support group facilitator for a variety of organizations that focus on women’s and breast health, including serving as a Young Advocate for LBBC. Read more.

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