Books for Kids

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is pleased to host the Reading for Reassurance program.  The mission of the program is to share books tailored for young children with parents who have breast cancer.  By directing parents and caregivers to well respected resources, we hope that families will be better able to cope with their situation. The books may be used at home or in school and can help start the conversation with your children and answer many of the questions they have about breast cancer. Get your free books now.

History of the Program

Reading for Reassurance was started by Margaret Zuccotti, M.S.Ed, who turned to her experience as a teacher as she considered how to talk with her young kids about her diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. She knew that reading books was a good way to explain change to kids. Margaret started the Louise Safe Mauran Book Fund, a program at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia that provides free children’s books for families. She then started Reading for Reassurance for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. All of the books included in the program have been reviewed by Margaret and other parents affected by breast cancer.

List of Book Titles Available

All of the books listed below will not be sent to you, just 2-4 copies. We will find good books for you and your child based on the information you provide on the sign up form.

For Children

  • Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings (also available in Spanish)
  • In Mommy's Garden (also available in Spanish)
  • Metu and Lee Learn About Breast Cancer
  • My Mommy Had Cancer, But She's Ok!
  • When Mommy Had a Mastectomy
  • Where’s Mom’s Hair?
  • You are the Best Medicine

For Teens

  • My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks

For Parents

  • I Love You Forever and Always
  • How to Help Children Through a Parent's Serious Illness

How Does It Work?

Reading for Reassurance will take the guesswork out of finding a good book for you to read to your child about your breast cancer. Complete an online form by clicking on the button below and Living Beyond Breast Cancer will mail you 2-4 books to you at no cost, within 2-3 weeks. Books will only be shipped to addresses in the US States and Territories.