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Preparing for chemotherapy


Many people have scary images of chemotherapy, and associate cancer with chemotherapy’s side effects. The truth is that while some people have a rough time with chemotherapy, others manage quite well. Many continue to work, and others report feeling only mild discomfort.

What to expect on the first day of chemotherapy and throughout treatment can cause a sense of worry and uncertainty in many people.

In this video, hear from other women that have undergone chemotherapy and get helpful tips for what to bring with you on treatment days, what to wear and how to help pass the time during the infusion.


Helpful tips

We asked women living with metastatic breast cancer about their different experiences with chemotherapy, and they offered practical ways you can minimize side effects and support your well-being while you are in treatment. Another benefit? When you act on your own behalf, as these tips suggest, you will feel more empowered to continue advocating for your health.

7 things to do before starting chemotherapy.

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