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What to expect from a virtual appointment

  • 4 Min. Read
  • 05/08/20

In response to COVID-19, many people with breast cancer are meeting with their healthcare providers virtually.

Brittany King, diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of meeting with your healthcare provider virtually. She recommends trying out the meeting platform before your appointment in order to make the most of your time with your healthcare team.

Yolanda Murphy, diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2016, enjoyed her recent virtual visit with her medical oncologist, and encourages others to take advantage of virtual appointments if they have the chance.

Susan Swanson, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 6 years ago, shares her experience with telemedicine and shares tips on how to make the most out of your call.

Shonte Drakeford is one of many people around the country to have a telemedicine appointment during the COVID-19 outbreak. She shares her experience as a woman with metastatic breast cancer and as a Nurse Practitioner.